Guilt-free pleasure

A restaurant specialising in healthy and low-calorie food with a stunning menu. The interior design was carried out over another restaurant that already existed. We applied the Zest image, warmer but with industrial touches, and divided the space into three worlds: the terrace at the entrance, the main dining space, and the bar.

We took advantage of some of the furniture and cladding, changed the lighting, and painted it a warm white to brighten the space.

The walls are irresistibly attractive, made to be used as backgrounds for selfies, such as the one featuring a green wall with neon text spelling “Fuck Normality”, or the wall with a light bulb framed mirror made to resemble a theatre dressing room.

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ClientZestLocationCalle Fernando el Santo 4Ended2020ServicesConcept, interior and furniture design, executive project, Project managementSurface138 sqmCollaborationCon luz propia