Specialising in the interior design of commercial premises, at Kombu Design we create unforgettable, unique and contemporary spaces. Our methodology is the secret to our success and the key that marks our work out as unique in the Retail sector.

It's been proven that good interior design is a fundamental piece of the puzzle determining the success of a store. We develop global architecture and interior design projects; from branding, through design, engineering and works, to the opening of the premises.

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We design your brand's global image with a personalised identity, one your customers will recognise you for and make it their own. We take care of every last detail; from functionality and the durability of materials, to the furniture, facilities and user experience. Featuring a design adapted to your business image strategy.

We're a team of highly experienced professionals who know how to tackle any challenge and get the best results at each stage of the project process.

Our global project vision has earned us the recognition of our clients – whom we are committed to, work closely with, and support throughout the entire process. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to the different circumstances and needs of each company, always seeking the best solutions to meet objectives and deadlines.

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