We change the perspective
when undertaking projects, searching for new ways to address them

Eva García Solache

Listen and dialogue

Your business is the most important thing, not only for you but also for us. We sit down and talk about what you want and need, what is the product that you are selling, how you are selling it, how is your brand or how you would like it to be, how it is communicated, what does it transmit, who your customer is or who do you want to reach and what has been the strategy so far.

Investigate and Analyze

We are interested in getting to know more about your business industry, we research national and international references, we collect information in search for similar projects and we analyze successful cases, in order to get inspiration and improve ourselves and, in this way, be able to offer our customers the best version of what their business will be.


With the information obtained in the previous step, we lay the groundwork of the project, creating a strategy we will follow throughout its development, from start to finish, in order to achieve a “round” outcome. In this way, the idea is born and we set the direction that from now on we will follow. Through the use of Moodboards (sensory and inspiration panel) and sketches, we will share how the big idea has been developed and evolved, and we will show you the entire set of sensations that we are going to transmit.


Now it’s time to get into the field. Preparing the documentation, outlining the smallest detail, defining shapes, finishings, colors, furniture, lighting, equipment, … all represented in pictures and technical drawings, so that all the pieces fit and we may be able to visualize the entire project.


We speak with the professionals involved in construction and manufacturing, we manage budgets and validate suppliers, and we ensure that everybody work towards the same goal and within the agreed deadlines.


And the big opening day arrives. We celebrate with you the awaited moment, thanking all the team involved for the effort invested and for the job well done. Toasting for the success.

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