Healthy and biophilic spots

These days, every office has to adapt its working methodologies. In Kombu Design, we can help companies refurnish their workspaces with flexible designs made for employees, facilitate interaction with each other in the resting areas, and shutting them in Think Tank cabins during the activities that need greater concentration. Safer workplaces with glass walls and easy to clean, bacterial resistant materials.

Natural daylight is significant for our wellbeing, and we will find the best layout to reach as many people as possible. We will use materials that resembled nature, such as wood, stone, and plants. Terraces, balconies, and patios will help us connect with the external environment and enhance the premises’ natural ventilation.

All the above mentioned combined with your brand image and the creation of spaces that communicate the branding and the corporate culture to employees and visitors are our commitment.

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ClientKombu DesignLocationMadridEnded2021ServicesConcept and preliminary draftSurface200 sqm