Urban Gourmet

Delivinos is a Gourmet shop located in the Salamanca district, which has an excellent winery formed by a varied selection of national and international wines as well as a wide range of delicatessen products.

Once the target audience, competition and product were studied, a clear wood design, which provides freshness and familiarity, was proposed. Implementing black tones and hues we were able to highlight products with a variety of colour and form.

With a protected façade, we recovered the opening of its original gaps to get 3 large shop windows that catch the attention of people walking by, getting a greater customer movement in the store.

This retail project has been designed and executed from all angles. From the branding concept, store design, project construction and management to the launching of the company, implementing marketing strategies and brand launching event.

A customer satisfied with our services and the result of a job well done, allows us to continue offering our advice to the client once the project is finished.

CustomerDelivinosLocationCalle Cid 2, MadridEnded2017ServicesConcepto, branding, diseño interior y mobiliario, ejecución y dirección de obra, marketingSurface94 m²CollaborationLetterbrand (Identidad), Been