Macedonia Fruit Café

Juice bar and healthy food

The customer already had his own premise, with an offer based on natural products: a bar of seasonal fruit (not frozen) juices, dishes based on fresh fruits and vegetables, and a shop of the same products. But the time had come to climb up a step to prepare the business and turn their passion into a franchise.

The briefing was to redesign the image at the level of branding and interior design, in order to create a global corporate manual that would serve to standardize the brand image for future applications.

The concept had to transmit “humor” and “fruit”, and be attractive to a diverse audience: children and adults, students and office workers, to eat from breakfast to dinner.

To reach this diverse group, we decided to use illustrations with some humor, so that they could be understood by all. We were able to create a close, recognizable and friendly image, where the colors of natural fruit, having nothing to do with the saturated colors of the competition, conveyed the variety of products in an attractive way.

The architecture also enhanced these elements, first with a wood carpentry facade, making it friendlier. The signage and the canopy accounted for all the color, constituting a highlighting element in the street that managed to attract new customers. The large windows allowed the interior to be seen, providing natural light to the business.

In the interior we used the same palette of natural colors with wood slabs and the typical blue of the fruit boxes, which served to highlight the elements. The premise at Miguel Angel street was narrow, and in order to gain visual space, we decided to place some colored transparent chairs.

The counter was placed at the bottom of the shop, so that the public would approach the products sale area where there was a high table serving as a large box of apples, for a more casual and faster consumption.

Once the shop was finished, we reviewed the solutions from the manual that had been prepared prior to the implementation, in order to update them and for future application in various types of premises.

The manual also served for future applications in website design and brand advertising.

CustomerMacedonia Fruit CaféLocationMadridEnded2006ServicesRetail concept, Branding, Illustration, Interior Design, ConstructionSurface90 m²AuthorDeveloped in Mostaza DesignCollaborationDavid de Ramón (illustration), Blas Rico (Branding)