Personal real estate consulting

First, we agreed on a strategy with our client to determine an idea that could meet her expectations.

The premises were furnished as a home office, with ad hoc fittings that conveyed Lucia’s nature. Solid wood flooring, geometric wallpaper, and furniture of wood and gold. Being a narrow space, we determined to tile the wall with a mirror to make the space larger and provide the desk with glass to relieve the room’s middle.

The facade remained quite sheer, and we designed a small entrance hall with a home flavor and a piece of light furniture intended to place a still life with her business cards and a framed photo.

Helping professionals achieve their projects and fulfill their dreams is the core of our continuous improvement spirit.

ClientLGC MADRID REAL ESTATELocationCalle de Núñez de Balboa 42, MadridEnded2019ServicesConcept, branding, interior and furniture design, executive project, project management, constructionSurface12 sqmCollaborationBeen Marketing (Branding), Con luz propia