Shop and interactive kiosk

Fractalia, a multinational specialized in information technology, participated in the Aena competition for the new Terminal 4 of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport to create a communication center and 34 interactive kiosks. We helped them to create a solid brand image that was perfectly integrated in the new Rogers & Lamela architecture. From the name to the design of the kiosks, it was successfully implemented not only in Terminal 4, but in several domestic airports. Part of the success lies in providing the kiosks with a human and friendly image, and a code of colors and pictograms easily recognizable by any passenger.

CustomerFractaliaLocationT4 Madrid-Barajas Airport Ended2005ServicesConceptualization, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Branding, ImplementationSurface105 sqm + 34 kiosksAuthorDeveloped in Mostaza DesignCollaborationEric Milet (Branding),
María Lleyda (Infographics)