Deli Peppe Restaurant

Italian-venezuelan cuisine

The gastronomic focus is in the middle of the project. We always search the functionality in a small spot but with a showy and cheerful design capable of passing on the company’s values, origins, and love for home-made cuisine.

The façade is the calling card of the premises with wide color gamut inspired by the Italian and Venezuelan cultures and huge windows, enhancing the spatial feeling. The white-painted wood heightens the notion of the natural products they use. We played indoors with color gamuts and the warmth of woods and decorative lamps. One slate wall shows the universe of the main dishes made with their products. The bar top is garnished with tiles in keeping with Sicilian iconography. The kitchen is efficient. We brought to bear ergonomic principles, which eased the working methods of the chefs.

ClientDeli PeppeLocationMercado de Ventas, MadridEnded2019ServicesConcept, Branding, interior and furniture design, executive project, project management.Surface36 sqmCollaborationAstrid J. Freniche (illustration), Been Marketing (Branding)