Da Nicola

Italian Restaurant

For Da Nicola, a leader of the Italian Cuisine in Madrid, it was time to update the restaurant to approach a younger public, to enhance their message of creativity in the kitchen, to improve the functioning of the kitchen and to enhance the natural light of the facade.

We gave a functional solution by opening the facade to the maximum, changing the entry to install a counter where people can wait without affecting the transit of waiters. The kitchen got a large counter for dish collection that speeds up the service, becoming at the same time a show where customers can see, from first line, how dishes are prepared.

The main hall won several tables and a large mural that transmits the design concept of “Eating at Nicola’s home”, where the illustrator portrays Nicola, the host, buying the food, cooking it and serving it to his friends. It is being developed in 3 murals that match the 3 stages of the premise refurbishment, of which 2 are pending initiation.

CustomerGrupo Da NicolaLocationPlaza de Mostenses 11, MadridEnded2012ServicesConcept Design, Interior Design, Branding, Fixtures, Construction, IllustrationSurface1000 sqmAuthorDeveloped in Mostaza DesignCollaborationVicenzo Viviani (Architect), David de Ramón (Illustration), María Lleyda (Infographics), Pablos Martín (Graphics)Webhttp://www.danicola.es