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Office reform

The Canarian business group, specialized in the sale of cosmetics, fashion and accessories in the Canary Islands and Mallorca, wanted to refurbish their headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

With more than 36 shops and after having updated the corporate image of the company, the time had come to communicate the evolution to customers, suppliers and employees.

The aim was to convey Fund Grube values and corporate culture, in order to strengthen the image of the company at the corporate level, to enhance communication to attract users and retain relationships, and to internally promote the pride of belonging to the group.

Our concept intended to change and update the way of working, to make it more dynamic, innovative, open, and modern, enabling growth, and even having a touch of fun.

For the facade, a more open look was proposed, removing architectural barriers and expanding the main access, which was covered with an exterior deck that created a warmer entry. The existing fountain was moved to generate a space that encouraged relaxation, with green areas that can be enjoyed from the inside. The entrance has a corporate information totem that supports the facade signage with the new brand design. In order to provide a brighter interior, large windows on the ground floor were proposed, matching with the location of the dining area and the main room of working tables.

The entrance hall, which currently has a hermetic look, was opened to glimpse the workspace rooms. Even the staircase became a projecting gateway inviting us to look up. The space is identified by the corporate colors and finishes, where the yellow is dosed to highlight the accent elements, and the white serves as a canvas. The counter is a great white piece of solid aspect with wood and dark gray slats in the back side, where the brand symbol can be spotted, the elephant.

The double height of the ground floor helps to generate an open space, where meeting rooms are integrated into the area with their large glass screens. The wood brings a warm and friendly tone, while also helping to visually separate the entrance area from the working area. The white tone of the furniture is interrupted by touches of yellow and black.

The program of requirements needed a careful study of the layout for the various departments and to anticipate their possible growth. At the beginning, we worked with a range of options, from the most innovative to the more traditional ones, arriving at an intermediate proposal that best responded to their needs. Within the office, and in keeping with the company’s philosophy of caring for their team, a conference and training room were added, as well as a cafeteria, dining area and rest areas.

The project has been on hold according to the strategic needs of the company, which is currently in the process of making the leap out of the Canary Islands, with the intention to extend the number of shops in locations with a strong tourist presence.

CustomerFund GrubeLocationLas Palmas de Gran CanariaServicesInterior design and signageSurface1.920 m²AuthorDeveloped in Mostaza DesignCollaborationDavid de Ramón (Ilustration), Letterbrand (Branding)


C/ Núnez de Balboa, 120 . CINK
28006 Madrid, España
+34 661 938 028

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